Carrie: she tampered in God's domain (coffeechica) wrote in suggestions,
Carrie: she tampered in God's domain

We want your suggestions wishlist!

Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

As Boxing Day is a day of goodwill and granting the wishes of strangers, I wanted to make a poll here in Suggestions to collect your wishes.

As we're getting a new general manager soon, we want to be prepared to let them know the features that our users really want for LiveJournal but haven't gotten yet. This way, when we're finalizing our year-long plans for 2008, we can be sure to have plenty of frequently-requested features lined up to add to our development plans.

In order to make this data easiest for me to collect and aggregate, I have a poll here that I'd like you to fill out. Please fill out this poll with URLs only linking me to your top three not-yet-implemented suggestions.

Suggestion #1:

Suggestion #2:

Suggestion #3

To save you some time digging for things, here are what I've found to be the most frequently-suggested features:

Thank you for your feedback!
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