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Short, concise description of the idea
Allowing a user to crosspost at once, and for other users to see only one of those posts on their friendpage.

Full description of the idea
1. Enabling more than one 'post to' community option during Update, so that a user can crosspost in one click.
2. Tagging the entries as crossposts, so that a user watching more than one of the communities it's been posted to, can chose to only see one post. Perhaps the community whose name is earlier in the alphabet

An ordered list of benefits
  • Posts that belong in several communities could be posted at a click.
  • Users watching more than one of those communities won't have the same post flood their entire friendpage.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Spamming and trolling, this could allow one user to spam and troll many communities with ease. No life trolls are already crossposting the old fashion way however, and the post would only show up once on people's friendpage.
Tags: community membership, crossposting, entry creation, § no status
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