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Email blogging

Email blogging

Short, concise description of the idea
The idea stems from some of us who can't directly access LJ during work hours due to internet usage policies at may work places and thus LJ and most other blogs are blocked. To be able to not only email journal entriess, which one can do now but to be able to comment back from comments left via email too.

Full description of the idea
In this case, at work when I get a comment to a journal entry or a comment I've left earlier, I can reply back using the dialogue reply box at the bottom of the email and when I click on the send button, it then sends me to the journal entry in question and thus the posted reply, but when at work, I can't assess the site at all and thus the comments I try to reply to don't post so an alternative needs to be available for such situations.


An ordered list of benefits
  • It'll make the poster or commenter a better contributor to the community whenever he/she can even if by email if nothing else.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • The only problem is not seeing if the comment/reply posted but that's OK since we don't always know if our initial post, posted via email anyway.
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