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Unsubscribe option in News notifications

Unsubscribe option in News notifications

Short, concise description of the idea
Emails generated by the " makes a new announcement" notification option should include a link to deselect this option without having to log in.

Full description of the idea
Some people have an email address validated with a LiveJournal account and don't know it, either because they forgot they had an LJ account or it was originally created by a previous owner of that email address. Since they are inactive, they don't usually receive comment notifications etc, but News emails still reach them. Every time a News post goes up, we get dozens of responses from people who want to "unsubscribe."

To delete the account or turn off the notifications, they have to go to the trouble of resetting the password of an account they didn't even know they had and then logging in and changing some settings. Some people who have never heard of LJ aren't willing to log in to the site to do this. It would be better if we had a link in the email allowing them to turn these notifications off with one click.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Simpler, less frustrating process for people who don't know why they are getting these emails.
  • Since clicking a link in the email is easier than blocking it as spam or going through the current process, more people will do it. This would end a lot of unwanted outgoing email, possibly enough to ease up on the email delays that always occur when a News post goes up.
  • If people who don't know why they're getting these emails can unsubscribe, they will be less likely to use spam blocking to avoid them. This will make their email providers less likely to flag other LJ email as spam.
  • They won't need to open support requests, so other requests can be handled more quickly.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • People who want these notifications might accidently click the link.
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