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Communities have more tags / upgrade tag limit with paid account

Communities have more tags / upgrade tag limit with paid account

Short, concise description of the idea
1000 tag limit is upgraded for communities or can be raised via a paid account or an add on. Like icons.

Full description of the idea
Many communities use tags a method of keeping track of a large amount of entries from varying users. It is not uncommon for communities dedicated to a broad medium to have over 5000 tags, with artist/author/creator names, genre and title. Although this may sound wasteful, these tags are actually all useful and have potential of being used frequently by members.

Many communities try hard to eliminate dead tags, but the lack of options available can make this difficult.

Combining these systems in a coherent manner is usually not a simple task at all, especially when people are looking for recommendations or discussions that are of interest to them.

Since communities are contributed to via a variety of members, not all of the posts will be relevant to users, and trying to search through a community for relevant posts can also be exhausting.

Tags have been a valuable, enormously functional part of LJ and on LJ clones they are frequently one of the most clamoured for features if they haven't yet been implemented.

Although it is understandable that since Tags can cause problems for their to be a limit, 1000 really is not functional enough for a significant number of communities and some individuals. By upgrading for paid or providing an add on you provide incentive to help subsidise any of the problems caused by the feature, while allowing greater privileges for those who wish to seek them out.

I am emphasising communities with this request as this is my priority. It is very difficult to tell if a post has already been added to community memories or not, which makes switching systems and sharing this task for extremely large communities incredibly difficult.

Tags allow for an incredibly significant lowering in workload for maintainers as well as sharing this task out much more simpler.

While ideally I prefer the old system of no limits, I understand that this is not practical and am requesting that some means of compromise be made available.

An ordered list of benefits
  • - communities on LJ can be more organised assisting with making LJ a more pleasant place to be, and allow for increasing satisfaction with content on LJ.
    - workload on maintainers of communities is decreased as workload can be shared with members - also reducing the security risk with adding maintainers to help look after memory tags.
    - as many posts in the recent release section show, many users would appreciate having an increase in tags from the extremely limiting number currently available.
    - more money for LJ, greater motivation for a paid account.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • - LJ hardware apparently has trouble processing tag limits.
    - Users may become irate at now being expected to pay for a feature that was previously available for free.
Tags: community maintenance, paid features, tags, upgrade features, § implemented
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