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re: tag concerns

re: tag concerns

Short, concise description of the idea
Arrange for accidental tags to disappear from the tag system when a user is in the post's 'edit tags' section, rather than only the 'manage tags' master list.

Full description of the idea
Particularly in communities, but also on individual LJs, accidental tags come up when someone doesn't realize they're posting a typoed tag. The user can then amend the tag through the post's 'edit tags' button; however, the typoed tag is *still* lurking on the LJ's master list of tags, and can only be removed in 'manage tags'. This problem is probably contributing to the server-backlog problem associated with tags.

If accidental tags simply cleared themselves from the system after being deleted in the 'edit tags' option, it would save a lot of community maintainers some precious sanity, avoid confusion with individual users when they open their own 'manage tags' and find the typo still there, and could possibly eliminate the need for a tag limit (or at least for a tag limit of 1000).

An ordered list of benefits
  • Community maintainers do not bear the entire burden of removing accidental tags from master list.
  • Server space isn't hogged by a bunch of tags that nobody uses. This could free up enough space to rescind/raise the tag limit, at least for communities.
  • The tags really *are* gone when people get rid of them in 'edit tags,' rather than hanging around until the owner/a maintainer bothers to check 'manage tags.'
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • This would only really work for accidental tags that get a single use; if a typoed tag somehow got used more than once, it would still have to be cleared out in 'manage tags.'
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