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Increased functionality for tagging

Increased functionality for tagging

Short, concise description of the idea
Improvements in the tagging system allowing for maintainers / journal owners to make more efficient use out of them.
Suggested features for this include: total tag count, merge tags, sort by last update, search with combination of tags.

Full description of the idea
Currently re-organising tags is an extremely difficult task, for example with two redundant tags, it may be required to manually go and edit each tag, due to the lack of a "merge" feature. Currently tags can not be renamed to another tag - which makes it difficult to combine tags into a superclass system.

With the new tag limit, many journal users would be interested in seeing where they stand, or redesigning their organisational system. Currently the only way to count tags is to either do so manually or to copy the tags list and paste it in notepad checking how many lines there are.

Sort by last update: this would assist with helping to remove tags, as older tags can be seen as less useful.

Currently it is possible to sort by tag count, but some tags may have become dated as time moves on, making it harder to spot from when they were useful, to when they no longer are.

Searching with a combination of tags, would allow for communities that keep track of a number of details to help allow members to specify more easily than what they are interested in. This could help reduce the number of tags that community requires.

An ordered list of benefits
  • - tags can be limited, reducing strain on LiveJournal resources in that regard.
    -Livejournal users can find it easier to reorganise their system, and follow the current liveJournal limits.
    -tags can be more useful in allowing users to find content they are interested in.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • - coding resources
    - May be extremely heavy on server resources.
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