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Change text for Adult Concepts cut-tag

Change text for Adult Concepts cut-tag

Short, concise description of the idea
The Adult Concepts cut-tag seems to imply that there are items behind the cut that aren't suitable for minors, and should be changed to reflect that people who rate their content "Adult Concepts" feel their material may include mature themes inappropriate for younger children.

Full description of the idea
The current Adult Concepts cut tag says "You are about to view content which may not be appropriate for minors." Minors in most places meaning anyone under 18, and being a legal term which implies Adult Concepts content is probably going to be pornographic or in some other way unsuitable for minors. A better wording would be something along the lines of "You are about to view content containing mature themes which may not be appropriate for younger children." Or even "for all readers." This is more similar to the PG-13 rating or the Mature Audiences TV warning, which I think Adult Concepts is intended to emulate.

I would like to use the Adult Concepts rating for some of my content, but I feel that if that cut-tag appears on every post, people are going to think that the content is porn (it's usually one of the following--war stories, romance with bits no more explicit than you can find on the shelves of a fantasy book in a store, or discussion of violence and abuse) and unless that's what they WANT, they'll just hit the back button.

I want people who see my content rated Adult Concepts to think... "Hm, maybe this is going to be like a PG-13 or an R rated movie, or like a war story."

An ordered list of benefits
  • * It would be a more accurate description of content rated "Adult Concepts" especially since 14-17 year olds are minors and they are allowed to see it.
  • * It would help people who are looking for porn and people who are trying to avoid porn to find what they really want.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • * It would require some coding time.
Tags: adult content, user interface, § no status
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