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Notify individuals on changes to a single entry's adult flag

Notify individuals on changes to a single entry's adult flag

Short, concise description of the idea
When a single entry is marked as adult content through the new adult content flagging system, the owner of the journal affected would be notified.

Full description of the idea
As stated in comments to the recent lj_biz post "There isn't a system to notify users that an individual entry has been set, but if a journal or community is set the journal owner or community maintainer will be contacted at their registered email account." I propose that, on the decision of the APT to change the adult flagging of an individual entry, that the owner of the journal being affected is notified, either by email and/or though LJ's messaging system.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Individual users will be aware of when their content is occasionally deemed of an adult nature
  • Users will be aware of when changes are made that affect how their journal is viewed by others without having to continually log out.
  • The user would be better informed should they wish to moderate their own content and/or appeal a decision to have an entry flagged so as to control the adult nature of their own journal
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Introduction of additional steps in the APT's process for reviewing individual entries once flagged.
  • Production of a form letter or letters to be sent to individuals following a decision.
  • Additional functionality to be coded into the adult content filter system and/or LiveJournal's messaging system to be coded to allow these messages to be sent.
  • Increased message traffic, within LiveJournal's messaging system and/or as emails
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