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Ability to "claim" anonymous comments

Ability to "claim" anonymous comments

Short, concise description of the idea
An enhancement in which you can edit an accidentally-made anonymous comment to "claim" it as coming from your username.

Full description of the idea
Too often, I find that people commenting on my journal have accidentally been logged-out, which causes an anon comment followed up immediately by a logged-in "oops, that was me" -- or I can telll who made the comment, by familiarity with conversational patterns, but my reply to them doesn't fire off a notification email and I have to dig up their contact information if I want to make sure that they see my reply. Now that we have comment editing, there should be a way in which to "claim" that anonymous comment, editing it to come from the logged-in username.

To guard against the possibility of abuse, claiming an anonymous comment should only be possible if the "claim" is made within a small window of the original anonymous comment (5-10 minutes), from the same IP address and from the same browser as the original comment was made. It should also include the edit stamp ("this comment originally made anonymously and claimed by $user at $timestamp"). Like comment editing, it should also prompt a separate email and message center notification to the journal owner.

Once an anonymous comment has been "claimed" by a logged-in username, the comment display should change so that it no longer displays as anonymous, but as having been made by that logged-in username.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Fewer "oops, that was me" followup comments
  • Ability for the journal owner to reply to the original comment, ensuring a comment notification email/message center notification for the original commenter
  • Logical extension of the ability to edit comments
  • Fosters community discussion and persistance -- a conversation between two logged-in individuals is more likely to continue, as both sides will receive the comment reply notifications
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Possibility of abuses, blah blah babycakes
  • Difficulty of authentication (checking against the IP address and browser is only a surface authentication mechanism)
  • Solves a problem that isn't very widespread (but is annoying when it happens)
Tags: anonymous users, comment creation, comment editing, § no status
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