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Syndication Improvements

Syndication Improvements

Short, concise description of the idea
Several suggestions on making the syndication feature better.

Full description of the idea
Suggestion 1: When a Feedburner ( feed is syndicated, LiveJournal displays both the Feedburner and original URL to the article. It would be preferable that just one of the URLs is displayed, and that it is the Feedburner one. Example from the top 100 list:

Suggestion 2: Disable comments on syndicated feeds:
1) As an external blog owner, I'm not notified when somebody comments on a feed item
2) These comments eventually disappear
3) I have no control over the comments which are associated with my content
4) Livejournal is 'stealing' the community away from my website.

Suggestion 3: If there is a link or image within the feed content that is relative to the domain, but does not include the domain, add it in. Google Reader does this.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Benefits webmasters by allowing them track statistics through Feedburner.
  • Benefits webmasters by keeping their community at their website.
  • Allows feeds to display better, and prevents broken links and images.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Loss of community features here at LiveJournal.

[Edit 2007-12-12]: Added supporting arguments for suggestion #2. Added formatting to clarify there were three separate syndication suggestions to this post.
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