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Blackberry Support

Blackberry Support

Short, concise description of the idea
add Blackberry support for LJ Mobile

Full description of the idea
Blackberrys aren't just for business users anymore. They are smaller and less expensive than most Palm and Windows Mobile devices, meaning that there are a lot of us out there using Blackberry devices that would love to be able to post to LJ with greater functionality than is possible with LJ Text or email (unless, of course, you are capable of remembering all the formatting).

An ordered list of benefits
  • increased use of Blackberry devices to be able to post to LJ.
  • increased use of LJ Mobile, as most Blackberry devices are cheaper and smaller than most Palm and Windows Mobile devices.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • i am not sure there is a drawback...unless you count the hours someone will have to put in to write the programming.
Tags: blackberry, clients and apps, mobile, § historical
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