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FAQ printout

FAQ printout

Short, concise description of the idea
For beginners as well as advanced users it would be nice to have the chance to open the entire FAQs (instead of having to click "read more" for each paragraph), so that the user can print them like a manual for himself.

Full description of the idea
I'm a newbie on LJ and a friend recommended the FAQ area because a lot of things have been described there in detail. I agree, the explanations seem to be really good and easy to understand, but I would like to have them printed, so that I can take them with me and read (and take notes) where and whenever I want. But since you always have to open each paragraph individually, it's gonna be really complicated to open and print everything.

Maybe it would be possible to either take the "read more" thing out - or since you should have all the data available, make a PDF file for download available. Those who are fine with the links, can continue to use them, the others could get the PDF "manual".

An ordered list of benefits
  • Easy access and complete overview over all sections of the FAQ in printed form or as file with bookmarks on the computer
  • No need to have the computer online to just check some little detail about LJ
  • Possibility to take personal notes in the printed manual
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Not sure about what you mean with problems, but of course this idea would cause a little work for you - but since the data should be available, all that's needed to be done is to get it together and create a PDF file. I would be willing to help if I can :-)
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