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User mail boxes should be aliased to accept either hyphens or underscores.

User mail boxes should be aliased to accept either hyphens or underscores in user names.

Short, concise description of the idea
The livejournal email system should accept email addressed to a member with hyphens in place of the underscores in their user name.

Full description of the idea
The feature that allows livejournal members to receive email sent to their is fantastic. But it can be a bit confusing and lead to lost email in one situation that I have encountered.

My Livejournal id is Galbinus_Caeli. But when someone looks at my journal they see as the URL. If they try to send email to it is lost (well, actually it is rejected, but more or less the same thing.) works fine, but people make mistakes.

Really, since livejournal does not allow a userid to be made unique by just changing a dash to an underscore, they should be treated as identical. It should not be difficult to alias the email box with both versions.

Thank you,

An ordered list of benefits
  • Reduce chance of lost email.
  • Reduce confusion caused by mismatch between username and url of journal.
  • World peace.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I do not believe that LJ allows userids to be identical except for hyphen/underscore. (ie JR_Bob_Dobbs vs. JR-Bob-Dobbs). But if that is possible than my suggestion is worthless.
  • Some people may think that the two addresses are treated differently when they are not.
  • An extra .00005 second of cpu time when an incoming email is processed.
  • Possible badger invasion.
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