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Viewing a Poll as the author of the Poll

Viewing a Poll as the author of the Poll

Short, concise description of the idea
It would be convenient for a user to be able to view by default the results of a poll that user has posted, without having to submit answers to their own poll.

Full description of the idea
I generally don't want to submit answers to my own polls, as I usually don't want to skew or bias the result-statistics. As currently configured, once a user posts a poll, the user/poster sees the poll with its unanswered questions when viewing their own journal entries. Unless the poster/author submits answers to their own polls' questions the clicking-sequence to seeing the response is to click on the "poll number" link in the journal entry, and then to click on the "View Poll Results" link.

Regardless of whether one is the author of a poll or not, once answers to a poll have been submitted by a user, then the results of the poll (instead of the unanswered questions) is visible in the default journal entry view. It seems it would be more useful if the default were that the poster/author of a poll view the poll results in their journal entry view (regardless of whether they have answered the poll or not).

An author could still obviously opt to submit a response to their own polls (click on the "poll number" link in the journal entry, and then clicking on the "Fill Out Poll" link.) This is something one would typically only do once, while a poll-author would potentially want to see the ongoing results tally for their poll many times after posting the poll.

The same as suggested can be generally achieved currently by submitting "blank" answers to a poll the author has posted, I am just suggesting this view should be the default.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Increased accessibility to poll results
  • Convinience
  • More logical/intuitive
  • Increases ease of monitoring poll results
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Submitting answers to a poll you have posted will require an extra click
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