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Javascript to remedy :hover problems

Javascript to remedy :hover problems

Short, concise description of the idea
Add a tiny Javascript code into pages so that Internet Explorer will be able to show :hover effects on HTML elements.

Full description of the idea
I quite enjoy making layouts, and from the beginning, always wanted to be able to use dropdown menus, like in the main navigation of Horizon. I think it would provide a lot of possibilities when making a layout.
Normally we make a multi-level list as the menu. The submenus are initially hidden. When we hover over a link, (li:hover) the submenu of that link appears. However IE doesn't implement :hover on any other element than links, so this method is not possible in IE without Javascript. The necessary javascript code is very short.
I think that if Horizon.js was called in journal pages, it could also be used instead of writing a new set of code. Of course, I cannot test it to be sure, but I have examined the code, and it seems possible enough, when we give correct class names to the tags of our menus.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Much more possibilities when customizing layouts, at about 0 cost. Even I could provide the necessary code, it's that simple, and like I said, just linking to Horizon.js would also very probably work.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • If there is any drawback to this issue, I cannot see it. It would not take 5 minutes to implement, and would not affect page load visibly.
  • One minor issue might be that users might not know how to use this way of customization right away. Considering the very big number of layout/customization communities, once a few tutorials are posted, I do not think this would be in any way more confusing than the other possibilities of customization (like image maps, tag clouds, etc.)
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