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different way to specify friends who can read your post

different way to specify friends who can read your post

Short, concise description of the idea
Specify who is able to read a newly written post, not through a friends group, but instead by individually choosing people from your friends list.

Full description of the idea
After writing a post, choose who can read that post in one of two ways:
` 1. Individually choose the people on your friends list who are allowed to read your post.
` 2. Specify that everyone on your friends list is allowed to read it EXCEPT certain people on that list.

An ordered list of benefits
  • 1. More intuitively straightforward to use than making custom friend groups.
  • 2. Avoids the need to make a custom group that you will only use once for a specific post. Making custom friends group for only one post probably violates the concept of what a custom friends group is supposed to be about.
  • 2.1 Avoids having to remember what group has which permissions for what people. It often is easier just to explicitly re-specify the people you want to read your post.
  • 3. Since this method is so explicit, it avoids the possibilty of making bad mistakes, especially ones dealing with choosing the wrong group, or for example adding a new friend to a group but not realizing that you wrote previous posts that you don't want her to see.
  • 4. More functionality than the current system. (You can't specify that all of your friends -- even ones you have not yet added -- will be able to read a post, except two or three certain friends that you currently have).
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • 1. Might be confusing to have another way (in addition to the current system) to specify what friends are allowed to read your posts.


UPDATE (summary of comments so far)

do people like this idea?
- some people like this proposed idea and have wanted something like this before
- some people prefer the current system
- some people not only prefer the current system, but think adding this proposed system would be detrimental


- implementing this feature in a way that doesn't slow down LJ might be difficult to do, since so much extra information is stored with each post
- turlough says: "I'm against this suggestions as it stands. Having two different systems of filter selection is just asking for problems in my opinion."
Tags: custom friends groups, entries, friends, privacy, security, § no status
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