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Elizabeth Renée Hoefling

Entry Order in Edit Entries

Entry Order in Edit Entries

Short, concise description of the idea
Add a move up/move down option in edit entries to allow us to rearrange the order our posts show in our live journal. Also a redate/repost option.

Full description of the idea
Some of us like to use our LJs to post stories and stuff. I'd like to be able to group entries together instead of being forced to go by date. Date is a common diary method of management, but not the only one, especially for people who are moving content from one place to another.

Specifically speaking, because I do like to post stories and stuff, I often have written them elsewhere and they exceed the LJ post limit. Thus, the stories have to be broken down into parts to be posted. This becomes seriously problematic if I post more than one post in a minute and the system puts them out of order.

Additionally, while one story is in progress, I may want to post an archived one I did a long time ago on another system. Unfortunately, there's no nice way to keep stories posted together.

There are a lot of types of literary 'online' materials that aren't necessarily choronologically driven. I do understand that LJ's main purpose isn't to be a story archive, but I would point out that many people use systems like LJ for many reasons not strictly related to keeping a diary/journal - in fact, I would argue that LJ is intended to be a community more than anything. There's certainly a place for creativity, especially from those of us willing to pay for the facilities.

An ordered list of benefits
  • 1) possible for people to move content and arrange it as they please. Especially good for topics or posts that are not time-based (eg, stories, logs, poems, songs, etc).

  • 2) corrects any LJ post order issues when you post two posts in one minute. If I want to insert some content somewhere, I don't have to delete and repost EVERYTHING on the site.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • 1) Someone has to do the programming.

  • 2) Must be wieldy, otherwise users will just find it confusing.

  • 3) May only be useful to a subset of users that write content best ordered in manners other than chronologically.
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