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Simple gadgets layout: Post-It notes and Bubble-comments

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Simple gadgets layout: Post-It notes and Bubble-comments

Short, concise description of the idea
Superimposing LiveJournal with the simple and creative design layout for livejournal entries performed in self-sustained and separate manner. It is as simple as Post-It notes writing and document comment placing.

Full description of the idea
Every user of MS-Office familiar with simple and quick possibilities to place information into the MS-Outlook notes with simple and clear style and into the MS Word comments placed directly into the document.

The idea of Post-it notes consists of three parts. Firstly, attach the note to the journal by tag scripting. Secondly, place the note into a journal page somewhere according to the source. And thirdly, manage and handle that note separately from source it is attached to.
How it may look like?

I would define the PostIt note as dynamic preformatted minipage within basic livejournal page with the data storage container. It may have optional automatic behaviour functions processed on open during initialization of PostIt note. Init() and Close() functions are predefined and based on PostIt note style definition. The Content() section contains user defined script content.
(an example of simple PostIt note style and functionality within the normal .html page)

I suggest also creating a special tag for Bubble-comments. So the comment to entry appears near tagged area for static notification with emphasis.
For example, Bubble-comment to the journal entry can be made by placing a specific description for readers like 'currently unavailable' or 'out of date' etc.
This feature requires separate procedures for quick and simple comment handling even automatically; for example, if the comment information has expired by date.
Basic management options for the comments are 'create', 'replace' or 'delete' just as quick inline comment's options.
Basic property of comment may be 'static', 'transparent' or 'floating' and the default is'static'.
Content of the comment might be the simple preformatted text with several basic tags allowed for scripting like tags for the links and images.
Actually you write lj-tags like <lj-cut text=""> or <lj user="">. The same way you may want to set up the notification "currently unavailable" with <lj-bubble text="currently unavailable" timer=""> tag and set up the timer until the date of expire.

It is as simple as quick just like that!

An ordered list of benefits
  • The idea of new journal units with separate handling and management procedures and options allows newer, famous and clear functionality to the livejournal without changes made to the basic journal entry itself.
  • Placing controls inside those separate page-units may bring better viewing functionality to several existing controls like 'lj-poll' and 'form'.
  • Dynamic functionality of overlapping elements provides viewing on demand by 'mouseover' event like dynamic behaviour of 'alt' or 'title' property of scripting element. This dynamic functionality has already implemented in the livejournal userpic context popup section.
  • It provides code and data integrity for those separate journal units, in instance, inserted picture storage is attached to the minipage unit itself.
  • It allows functionality of Snap.com for LiveJournal in very simple way of taking snapshot of the page.
  • It provides special type of control's representation for tips, advisor, search, and instant messages service in quick manner.
  • Probably, we may combine a regular journal's tags with the scripting tags of common meaning to make them more functional
  • Finally, all of those opportunities are potentially given by one principle of separated handling of journal's units implemented in simple Post-It note and Bubble-comment layout.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
Tags: lj-specific markup, § no status
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