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Filter Message Center/"Entries & Comments" by entry

Filter Message Center/"Entries & Comments" by entry

Short, concise description of the idea
To extend the new functionality of the Message Center, split the "Entries & Comments" sub-filter further, by listing out the entries each comment is replying to.

Full description of the idea
I use my Message Center to track comments I still need to reply to (deleting the comment after replying to it). I also make entries where it's understood that I won't be replying to all the comments, and would prefer to delete those notifications as soon as I read them -- but when I'm skimming my MC quickly, I often accidentally also delete notifications of comments I intend to reply to.

It would be awesome if you could filter the "Entries & Comments" notifications further -- by the specific post that the comment is in reply to. That way, you could quickly delete comments that you don't intend to reply to, while preserving the ones that need a more thoughtful reply for later handling.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Makes it easier to read & manage notifications for multiple posts at once.
  • Makes it easier to manage comments on multiple posts at a time, thus driving increased interactivity.
  • Gets closer to the goal of the Message Center being a "one-stop" portal for all of your LJ-related activity.
  • Makes it easier to keep track of all your conversations in a single place, without having to resort to email filters.
  • Makes it harder to lose track of comments you haven't replied to, thus promoting community.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • In some way, replicates the journal entries itself (all comments displayed in one place, etc).
  • More complex UI.
  • More of a hit to load the message center, as you'd have to also load the subscriptions for the user looking at it (to make the filters).

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Add an "index" page of posts being tracked, as a separate (and interstitial) screen, when "Entries & Comments" is clicked on.
  • This page should contain a list of all the entries which currently have comments for them in the Message Center (preferably with a corresponding count of comments present in the Message Center).
  • Entries without any comments in the Message Center, whether they're recent entries in your own journal or entries you're tracking in other journals, shouldn't appear on that list.
  • Give cookies to Henry for all his hard work on the Message Center, which has made it so much easier for me to keep track of where I'm having discussions!
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