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New Support Priv

Title: Seeing Screened Answers But Not Internal Comments

Brief Description:
Support volunteers would benefit greatly from being able to see other screened answers, but we don't want the whole world to see them and we don't want to let them see internal comments.

Fuller Description:
Internal comments should remain private because there needs to be someplace to comment where we are fairly sure anyone seeing the comment is trustworthy. We also don't want screened users regularly seeing who approves or bypasses their answers, because then some of them might get annoying, and it's just not something that should be an issue. It could be reserved until a support volunteer reflects enough cluefulness to not copy the screened answers that don't get approved thinking they are right. And be a nice stepping stone into fuller support.


  • Fewer redundant answers
  • Less wasting of volunteers time, both screened users posting redundant answers and prived users having to sort through them
  • Makes it easier for screened users to learn by seeing exactly what does and does not get approved.
  • Less frustration at support in general and more of a feeling of being part of a community of support volunteers (it's frustrating to post and then find things magically appearing above you and never knowing when that will happen.)
  • If you give me this, I'll leave off whining for a second FAQ space even though I still think it's a good idea.


  • It needs to be coded.
  • Someone needs to go around giving a whole bunch of people this priv and then adding in newbies with time, that requires constant maintenance.
  • It just encourages me to keep posting to suggestions.


  1. Create said priv.
  2. Decide what standard needs to be met to get such priv (personal recommendation, at least 1 support point, joining lj_support, and asking for the priv. With possible addition of joining helpscreening depending on how strongly we want to push the community. Consider upping 1 point to 5 points if people want to.)
  3. Give someone(s) the power to give the priv.
  4. Give out the priv.
  5. Make someone responsible for constantly adding new people.
  6. Accept massive appreciation and warm glow that comes from making LiveJournal a better place.
Tags: support, § implemented differently
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