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Uploading Document

Uploading Document

Short, concise description of the idea
I am on several author communities, and since most of my stories reach up to 13,000 words and over, they won't fit in a normal LJ entry. Now I neither have a site nor am I computer savvy. I was thinking that anything in the form resembling a yahoo briefcase would be ideal for authors, because we could link our story posts to LJ's upload pages and stay within the same area, instead of having to use the myriad of upload sites that are sometimes shady.

I for one would pay for this extra feature, and so would many of my friends who are in my same fix and have to resort to using upload sites when they don't want their stories to be seen except by a select few in, say, one particular community. Thought I'd forward the thought to you.

Full description of the idea
Well the short describtion covered it up. I was thinking of something along the lines of yahoo briefcase, where word documents and other such files can be uploaded, and that then can be presented to the community in the form of a link that will lead directly to the document, and not to a download page. In this manner, it would be simpler to just then provide a link to on any writers' or otherwise community to documents uploaded and everyone within the community can view it, without having to use online upload sites that can get shady.

The service could be against payment or available only to people with payed account... I don't know about the logistics of how it would work out monetarily for livejournal. But I thought I'd propose it since a lot of us are having this problem, and since there's the picture uploading facility, uploading documents might be viable too under the current setup.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Not using shady foreign upload sites.
  • Avoiding viruses that can be contracted from the above, even into the LJ system.
  • LJ users would be more likely to use the site's own system since it would be a lot safer in the manner I described above.
  • There would be a readily available service to all new members, possibly encouraging them further to become payed members if they needed uploading space for some documents or files they wanted to show their friends.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Would probably need some bandwidth, but as I said before, there is already a storage space deal for pictures, and documents take a lot less space, and take even less to download.
  • Possibly more computer language writing for the poor sods that have to do it. And any complications that all that involves - we all know its almost as bad as David Bowie's Labyrinth.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • I would presonally make it a payed-account privilage or even something you'd get upon extra payment, such as the extra storage space or extra icons. Since it would possibly be pricey to set it up, it's only fair.
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