Leora (leora) wrote in suggestions,

Double you FAQ, Double your fun

Brief Description:
When people answer support requests, provide two links for adding in a reference to a FAQ instead of one.

Further Description:
Many requests need links to two FAQs, few need more than that, and we can go the long way, fetch the URL and paste it in for those few times.

Faster answers since people don't need to look up the FAQs.
Less risk of making a mistake and getting the URL wrong somehow.
More convenience for support volunteers.
Making lots of people happier.

Someone has to code it.
It makes the support query slightly bigger, you need to scroll down past two little boxes to get to the box where you write in text.
You give leora her way on a few suggestions and you'll just encourage her to suggest more stuff.

Reuse some of the code that made the first one to make another?
When it's done, shower whoever did it with respect and appreciation.
Tags: documentation, support, § historical
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