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Optional Public Excerpts of Friends-Locked Posts

Optional Public Excerpts of Friends-Locked Posts

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow posters to set a certain portion of a friends-locked post to public status.

Full description of the idea
This would allow a certain portion of an otherwise friends-locked post to be visible to anyone. Essentially, it's a lj-cut tag for privacy. Various other options could be chosen, as detailed below.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Posters concerned about adult material in their journals -- fiction, photography, discussions, etc. -- could still lock the full posts to protect against casual (and non-age-verified) readers. At the same time, people could get a taste of the level of discourse prior to going through applying/getting friended back/etc.
  • This "excerpt" process would be all handled within one post, rather than posting the full thing for friends and then making them also see a new post designed for public readers.
  • Users and communities with high-bandwidth posts could also show one typical image/video in the public area, while everything else would be reserved for friends/members.
  • Personal posts could include an aside just meant for friends at the end of something more general. Those friends wouldn't be hit with multiple posts showing up.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Adult-geared communities could hold discussions in a minor-safe fashion, but without appearing as a blank screen to potential (and appropriate) members.
  • Should inappropriate material be outside that privacy-cut, it would be more customer-friendly to ask for adjustments there than to deal with the entire journal.
  • Comments -- which could quickly spiral out of control -- could be blocked off entirely from the view of non-friended readers. Or they could proceed as usual, all based on poster/community preference.
  • Bandwidth use would go down. This would of course be more dramatic in the media-rich journals; even if they don't host their pictures on LJ servers, they might be reloaded a few times if very large pages time out. Multiply that by the number of casual readers versus subscribed readers. Also, even in mostly-text journals, you'd avoid the new database submission, mood icon, etc. from splitting posts into "public" and "locked."

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • First, it would need to be decided whether it would be a field in update.bml, or whether it would be a tag in the code. (And if it was a tag, could it be used multiple times in one post, like lj-cut?)
  • Second, the post preview window would need to include some sort of marker as to where the privacy levels change, so people could have a clear view of what is friends-only and what's public.
  • Preferences options would need to be added as to whether privacy-cut posts would have their comments visible. This could be a default you set, and then could also change on certain posts (like turning off comments is now).
  • Also, add a preference as to whether people get a little tag alerting them to more hidden content, or whether they see the excerpt and nothing else. (Since, say, a fanfic community would want you to know that you're seeing the excerpt on the book jacket, while a personal post might not want to say, "Hey! I'm telling other people stuff that I'm not telling you!")
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