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Allow community pinging for Paid Accounts w/o paying again

Allow community pinging for Paid Accounts w/o paying again

Short, concise description of the idea
Reconsider the existing paid feature set and allow those of us with Paid Accounts to use pinging to get our communities into directories.

Full description of the idea
Either extend the features for Paid Accounts to allow community pinging for a user with a Paid Account or have a menu of features, allowing Paid Account holders to choose a selection of features to turn on (our choice which ones - number of choices yours).

This is the checkboxes next to "Notify Weblogs.com when I post new public entries". As a Paid Account holder, I think I should be able to host at least a couple of communities with that feature enabled.

An ordered list of benefits
  • * Would draw attention & users to communities (there are a lot of slow and dead ones here)
  • * Communities tend to be more interesting than individual accounts & can increase LJ popularity
  • * Would encourage users to get Paid Accounts
  • * Would stop DISCOURAGING users from leaving (I may go elsewhere and not renew my Paid Account)
  • * Would make LiveJournal more noticed - more links from Technorati and other directories.
  • * LiveJournal probably creates more income from Paid Accounts than from advertisements, so this would mean more revenue

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • * If you are presently getting a lot of community-users to have a Paid Account just to get the ping feature, they may no longer pay for the Paid Account for the community

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Turn on the checkboxes next to "Notify Weblogs.com when I post new public entries" for communities whose hosts (user who created or is the main manager of it) have Paid Accounts - could be on a request-basis for a while until you determine the criteria for it or until you switch to a cafeteria-plan for Paid Accounts.
  • I host two communities and I am requesting that feature turned on for prince_georges and pg_race_matters. I use little space - I have some photos in the Scrapbook but could do without if it was a trade-off. I don't use all of my userpic area either. There are a lot of other features I don't use either. To pay for each blog would be much more expensive than I could get elsewhere, but I'd prefer not to move.
  • There may be others like me, so please consider turning on this feature in communities for those who request it and already have a Paid Account.
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