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allpics and editpics merge

allpics and editpics merge

Short, concise description of the idea
Ok, I've not really found something like this yet (so I'm hoping that it's not already been suggested). I apologise if it has.

So far, the option that we have thus far in horizon is to click on your default userpic and it will lead you to your allpics page. In the event where the user has no default userpic (like myself), the user will get directed to the edit userpics page.

However, there is no easy way of switching between both the allpics page and the edit userpics page.

I've been it possible to merge the two pages into something tabbed, similar to the merge that has taken place in the customise journal settings (with the look and feel being one tab, advanced options being another, and so on).

Full description of the idea
I know that the edit userpics page can be reached through the menu bar under the profile section in vertigo, but since this is a function that I think folks use a fair bit (well, I do, at any rate), I would like something that's more direct (a one-click thing if possible). To have it lead to allpics is not very useful to me, since I never use the allpics thing for my own userpics anyhow (I normally only view all pics when I'm looking at someone else's profile).

However, I know some people have the habit of going to their own "all pics" page. So to replace it with the edit userpics might be redundant for some. So I was wondering if it might satisfy both users (those who like the automatic direction to allpics, and those who want it to link directly to the edit userpics page) if there were some sort of tabbed browsing.

Aside from having to read less (seriously, you've got to read if you don't want to miss the link, since there are two hyperlinks there), it looks a little more appealing (to me, at any rate). So this is something that I would like to see around if possible.

At the same time, you can move back from the edit userpic page to the all pics page easily (currently there is no option available for people without a default userpic, as far as I know)

An ordered list of benefits
  • easier to move between the "edit userpics" page and the "all pics" page

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Redesigning some of the pages
  • Involve problems with the edit userpics page if viewing someone else's all pics page (where will the userpic go? To the person's account? Your own account?)
  • Might cause confusion for people viewing someone else's all pics page.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Redesign the links from horizon's userpic (where the person is directed to by clicking on the default userpic)
  • Creation of tabs to merge the two pages together without causing confusion to users
Tags: usability, user interface, userpics, ~ listed - needs retagging
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