Abe Hassan (burr86) wrote in suggestions,
Abe Hassan

Three-Strikes System for Bad Behavior

Re-posting this because the original submitter was deleting comments to the suggestion. (Apologies to anyone who lost their comments when the submitter deleted the original suggestion.)

Three-Strikes System for Bad Behavior

Short, concise description of the idea
set up a panel of arbitrators, and a message-forum-style "report offensive post" button to cut down on the excessive rude, cruel behavior that seems to be running so rampant around LJ

Full description of the idea
Get a little community going, preferably around 30 members, give or take. Dedicate it to reasonably fair, balanced mediation of complaints. Do what lj_abuse and the TOS should, but won't.

Set up a form page, with a check-box, wherein an offended user can submit a complaint against a person who has treated them rudely, disrespectfully, or otherwise obnoxiously without provocation (specifically, I'm thinking of certain individuals who behave incredibly snidely toward others in communities and in friend-of-friend situations; but, this could work universally). Log all such complaints into a counter. After any individual's tally hits 3 offensive comments, a report is automatically generated and sent to the panel of neutral arbitrators in the community. Three strikes, and the offender gets a warning, one day's suspension, and the threat of additional sanctions if they don't submit a documented apology to the grieved party, and refrain from such behavior in the future. Three more reports sent to the arbitrators, and they get a full-blown suspension.

To prevent the extremely ultra-sensitive, and the vindictive, from abusing this system, the neutral arbitrators use good, sound judgment, a pre-decided set of reasonable guidelines, and a willingness to throw out any reports that seem most likely to be frivolous.

To prevent people demanding endless appeals from the team, one decision is final.

An ordered list of benefits
  • real-life abuse survivors, and people with depressive/anxiety disorders, won't be quite as vulnerable when using LJ
  • the intellectual quality of discussion on LJ might clean itself up, and begin to approach that of the good old invite-code days
  • lj_abuse won't get flooded with so many "minor" reports it can't/won't enforce, freeing them up for the serious stuff
  • people would get a lot more benefit, and a lot less stress, out of using the site- it would be a more positive experience in general

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • predictable "ZOMG FREE SPEECH!" outcry from libertarian types
  • people abusing the feature in their petty interpersonal vendettas, or as pranks

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • advertise for the arbitrators' team
  • get the code set up
  • circulate a notice on the main LJ page, to alert all users
Tags: abuse, § rejected

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