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Disabling of @livejournal.com email forwarding

Disabling of @livejournal.com email forwarding

Short description:
There needs to be a toggle to enable or disable your @livejournal.com email address for paid users.

Full description:
Having my email address forwarded to by people sending emails to my livejournal.com address has been extremely useful for some time now. But with the explosive growth of Livejournal, it has now drawn the attention of the email harvesters for spam companies. And in the past two weeks, my inbox has exploded with spam suddenly. I have neither the time nor resources to hunt down and stop each individual spamming group since I no longer run my mail server locally at this time. (And thereby block it myself pretty quickly.)

However, there appears to be no feature that allows for us to turn off the email forwarding, it is simply set to be always on. It is clear that the Mangle Email address option no longer stops some email harvesters from getting your email address. And at this moment I'd rather stop the flood of email by temporarily shutting off the address for a few weeks to let them get the bounce notices and get the hint after awhile. Therefore, I propose two suggestions for new features:

1. A toggle that will allow paid and permanent users to disable their @livejournal.com email forwarding address. When accompanied with a failure notice, this will cause some spamming services to remove you from their lists, as most of these anti-spam sites are ineffective at best, and more than likely fraudulent. And some people may just wish to not use the feature altogether. To each their own, but this will provide the ability.

2. This should be a toggle as well instead of an outright change, but consider changing the @ sign in the displayed email to read " at " instead, and maybe even change the period to " dot ". This is a far more effective method to confuse email harvesters than just sticking a space in the middle.

* Provides an effective way to combat the spam problem that has arisen with the harvesting of Livejournal email addresses.
* Provides a way to opt-out of having a Livejournal.com email address if you are a paid user who doesn't desire one.
* Provides a more effective measure at preventing the harvesting of a user's email address by spamming organizations.

Issues resolved:
* Will lower the amount of spam a paid user receives sent to his livejournal.com address.
* May lower the amount of traffic the SMTP server for Livejournal routes if less people have active email addresses.

This may or may not require a new field in the database for the email disabling if it is possible to piggyback the toggle on an existing field. The same goes for the alteration of the displayed email address if you wish to add it in addition to the existing mangling attempt. However, this may prove to be a more effective mangling method and may be better suited to replace the existing one.
Tags: paid account email alias, § implemented
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