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Suggestions Volunteer Wanted

Abe & I are looking for one or two volunteers to assist in the community management for Suggestions.

The volunteer(s) would be helping with:
  • Assisting in tag management for both new and old entries
  • Moderating discussion on entries, including screening comments when necessary
  • Communicating with myself & Abe about community issues

(This position would not include approving or rejecting entries from the queue. That's still going to be a staff member's responsibility, so that a staff member will still be reading and processing all of your suggestions.)

The ideal candidate:
  • can dedicate about 5 hours a week to this community
  • likes refreshing pages and reading what others have to say
  • is patient and respectful towards other users
  • knows the difference between flames and passionate discussion, and can encourage the discussion while stopping the flames
  • is not already involved in LJ Support administration or LJ Abuse

As compensation, we'll provide the volunteer with paid time and perhaps even other LJ perks from time to time.

If you are interested in this position and feel like you'd be a good fit, please comment and explain why we should pick you. (This will not be a vote, as we've done in the past.) We'll be screening comments by default, for your privacy. Do mention any of your past experiences with community management that might be relevant. Please also include an email address where we can reach you if your LJ alias isn't the best.

(Moderation queue clearing will happen tomorrow at the earliest; I ran out of time today. Sorry to those of you who I know depend on your Monday afternoon/evening/Tuesday morning dose of Suggestions mania.) ;-)
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