Spyder (spyder) wrote in suggestions,

Additional buttons on Message Center

Additional buttons on Message Center

Short, concise description of the idea
Duplicate the message management buttons, that appear at the top of recieved messages, at the bottom

Full description of the idea
Duplicate the bar containing the Read, Unread, Delete, Mark all Read, Previous and Next buttons below the area for messages in the Message Center.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Usability
  • Reduces the need to scroll back to the top of the page, once you have dealt with all the messages on one page, to apply the functions of these buttons

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Redundancy
  • Additional page content

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Copy the TABLE and FORM tags currently in place in the Message Center template, and repeat them after the NotificationTable_Body section
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