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Suggestions Q & A

Here are the answers to the Q & A poll that Melissa posted! Apologies that I didn't get to every question; there were a lot of you and this entry was long enough to cover the most important questions. If you missed the poll or if you have more questions, do comment and one of us will answer.


What's the average length of time before approval of questions?

Right now, I'm planning on going through the Suggestions queue every Monday, unless something with the site gets seriously broken over the weekend and I need to help Support clean up. Then it might be Tuesday. And I might do a small queue approval run during the week if Support and Feedback (my primary responsibilities around here) aren't too busy.

How often are suggestions submitted to the powers that be?

I'm planning to get together with a committee of employees about every week and go through the recent suggestions that seem possible, as well as digging up a few old ones that I found that had a positive reception but never seemed to go anywhere.

Do all suggestions either get submitted or rejected?

Ideally, yes. Right now, there are a lot of "no status" suggestions. I'll go through these at one point and change them all to one of the other types. It is going to take awhile, though, as there are nearly five hundred of them, so please be patient.

How long does it usually take to go from "no status" to "decision made" (ie "planned for implementation", or "rejected')?

As long as it takes a committee of people to decide. As with all of life, so many good ideas die in committee. If that happened, the suggestion will likely go to "deferred" and will be considered again at a later date.

Is there any way at all to revive suggestions that have been in limbo since, like, 2001? When is it okay to ask again about a suggestion?

If you think an old suggestion is very possible with LiveJournal's current business and development structure, the suggestion's entry in the community is older than 2005, and if the entry has comments reaching up to the present day with people still championing this change, email me at This suggestion might be a good candidate for entering into the community's recent entries again.

How do we determine why a specific suggestion is rejected? Would it be possible, for the future, to offer a link to the 'already made' suggestion, if a suggestion is rejected?

You can generally tell why by reading through the comments on a thread, particularly those that come from staff members.

When your suggestion is rejected, you'll get a brief sentence as to why. In the past, this wasn't done because only a small percentage of users seemed to care about seeing the original discussion; most were just happy to know it had been suggested before. I can understand how some of you would want more information, though, so I'll try to briefly tell you what I know about it when rejecting suggestions, and see if this helps more people feel informed.

Once a suggestion is accepted for development, does anyone refer back to the comments left on the original suggestion to see if new points have been made? Ie, is there any point in continuing discussion after a decision?

Hm. I would say "not really". If you have serious concerns about a potential feature's implementation after it's already gone to development/planning stages, feel free to leave your comment, but you may wish to email to call our attention to the comment, to make sure one of us sees it.


Have you considered spotlighting the Suggestion community, to get a broader range of input from LJ users?

I haven't considered this, no. Though I'm more than willing to talk to Krissy about that if people think it'd be worth it?

Can we possibly make it possible to search through past suggestions? I swear I look high and low for a suggest, think it's not there, and then get rejected because I am told it's been suggested already.

Yes, I'd love to have a suggestions search. I'll see where this idea could land in this year's development priorities for Suggestions itself. I know it can be done with an off-site utility, but that would probably require someone to host it, a front-end interface, possibly heavy traffic banging on it...I'd much rather have an in-house option, but that requires someone to code it, and it might not be a high enough priority to steal someone's time. So we'll see.

Are you ever going to redesign that Suggestions submitting form? It's really out of date.

I know. Yes: it's a priority for me to get that form redesigned Soon. I hope within the next month or two? It shouldn't be that difficult to get it changed and pushed through.


Does LJ plan on implementing a feature where we can "Friend Filter Tag" LJ entries? That way LJ owners can easily track what entries are visible to what custom friends groups.

Right now there are no plans to do this automatically. You'll have to do this yourself by adding the tag to the entries in question.

Are we ever going to have the option to reset the interests search to show a simple alphabetical list of users instead of the image-heavy, most-recently-updated, userpics-included list?

Interest search is getting redone this year. I know people have given feedback about the way it looks now, and we've passed that feedback on to design so that they're aware of how people feel about it.


Where is the roadmap for all of LJ's developments in progress/planned?

On a protected file in the LiveJournal office. Sometimes I even get to look at it! :-D

Seriously, though, we don't make this public because we don't want to show our competitors an open hand, nor do we want to make promises that we later might not be able to keep. So while I'd love to list off for you all the nifty things we're planning to do in 2007, I'd also like to keep my job. ;-)

Of all the suggestions made, how many have been implemented?

Going by tags, 157 have been implemented in some form, which comes to about 1 in 10. I'm not sure everything implemented has been tagged as such, though, so that number could be higher.

What is the weirdest suggestion you have ever seen (posted or rejected)?

"Make it easier to find my paystubs."

For awhile, both Suggestions and Support were getting emails from confused people looking for their Wal-Mart paystubs. I have absolutely no idea why they think LJ Support/Suggestions can help them find their Wal-Mart paystubs... yet we still get questions about them about once every six months or so! That's probaby the weirdest thing I've seen, and it's still an unsolved mystery. *cue music*

Okay, and this is the last entry you'll see from suggestions today. I hope this was informative?
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