Sister Salvation (eris) wrote in suggestions,
Sister Salvation

Two community suggestions.

I'll make it two posts.
Here's the first:

Title: adult communities

Short Description: Feature to help keep underage people out of "adult" type communities

Long Description: When creating (or modifying) a community one should be able to specify if it's likely to contain "adult" content. Then -even if it's open membership- persons with no birth year listed or under 18 birth year listed in their user profile will not be able to join the community.

Benefits : Less headaches for me. (ok and anyone else with an "adult" content community)

Problems/Issues: The underage person could just go change their birth year and join, so possibly another suggestion would be that after you first enter birth YEAR it wouldn't' be able to be changed? Also, as with harassers, they could just go sign up for another journal. But i still think it'd be a helpful feature.

Implementation: I have no clue, I just talk people into posting naked pictures, I don't actually know how bml is implemented.
Tags: abuse, community maintenance, community membership, § implemented differently
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