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The Life of a Suggestion

Update: July 29, 2008:

(This entry replaces the earlier "Life of a Suggestion" entry.)

The purpose of suggestions is to provide LiveJournal users with a place to discuss ideas for new features and improvements to existing features. This community is maintained by LJ staff members.

Below is the process that is followed for user-submitted suggestions.

  1. A LiveJournal user gets an idea! First, the user looks through previous suggestions to make sure the idea has not been suggested.

  2. If the idea has not been suggested before, the user can suggest it by filling out the Suggestions form.

  3. The form creates an entry that goes into the moderated queue for the suggestions community. The Suggestions Maintainer goes through this queue at the beginning of the week, approving these entries into the community. If for some reason the entry is not able to be approved into the community, the user will get a note with the rejection letting them know why.

  4. Once an entry is posted, the LiveJournal community has the chance to provide feedback on the idea. Be prepared that other users may disagree with you. However, all comments to this community must remain on-topic and respectful. Comments that are needlessly inflammatory will not be tolerated, and commenters who repeatedly flame other users will be banned from this community at the maintainer's discretion.

  5. At the end of the week, the Suggestions Maintainer compiles all of the feasible suggestions from the week and presents them to the LiveJournal team. A suggestion that has been submitted for voting will be re-tagged "§ submitted". The staff will vote on each idea, and whether it should be:

    • § planned - The staff wants to add this feature in the near future. A planned suggestion will be added to LiveJournal's bug and enhancement tracking database so that a developer may be assigned to work on it.

    • § deferred - The staff has decided that this feature might be suitable, but cannot be implemented at this time.

    • § rejected - The staff has decided not to implement this feature.

  6. After the voting period has passed, the Suggestions Maintainer will leave a comment on each submitted suggestion noting where the idea stands with LiveJournal staff, along with any reasoning why the decision was made.

  7. If the idea becomes a planned feature, watch the lj_releases community for information about when the idea has been implemented. If it is, the suggestion will be retagged as either § implemented or § implemented differently.
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