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Suggestions Q&A

You may have noticed that LiveJournal staff are holding a Questions and Answers session over in the lj_feedback community (and, well, if you didn't notice, you should definitely go check it out). I thought it would be a good idea to do a specific Q&A just for suggestions!

Got a question?

Specifically, I want any questions you have about the community, how the process works, specific suggestions, etc. If you can't fit your question into the box, please feel free to comment! All comments here are screened, and I'll make sure to add them to the list.

Accepting questions until 11:59pm Eastern time, on Monday, October 2nd!

I'm reusing the feedback disclaimers:
Obligatory Disclaimers:
* I'll consider every question I get, but I may not be able to answer them all fully (I can't imagine, but there may be info I can't disclose).
* I also reserve the right to reject any question ("do you enjoy feasting on innocent users' souls?") for whatever reason, but I'll try to avoid doing that.
* I have no way of predicting how many questions I'll get, so there's a possibility that I'll be completely overwhelmed with questions. It may not be possible for me to answer everything. (I'll try my best, though!)
* One of my own: if I can't answer your question myself, I'll bring it up with the staff I work with.

Next week I'll post answers along with some administrative info that needs addressing.
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