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Put [PREVIEW] button on main Update Journal page

Short description

Currently there is a Preview mode that lets you view the functionality of your HTML and LJ tags when entering comments, but not when entering a main journal entry from the Update Journal page. You can do Edit Entries, but that is inconvenient, and allows mistakes to potentially be viewed before they're fixed.

Full description



  • Would aid users in creating functional HTML pages
  • Would help reduce the number of pages with broken HTML
  • Would reduce the chance of others viewing a broken page before an entry is corrected using Edit Entries
  • I and others I've spoken with have been frustrated by this lack of a HTML preview mode in Update Journal, so this would reduce some users' frustrations
  • I could have used it to verify the the code in this entry!

Problems & Issues

Someone would have to take the time to implement this.
Tags: entry creation, previews, § implemented
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