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User Icons

Short Description:

I have a suggestion about the amount of user pics paid members can use. Allow the ability of having more than 10 user icons, my suggestion is 20.

Full Description:

Currently we can only have 10 user pics. My suggestion is, let us have the ability to have 20 user pics, but the first 10 pictures can be uploaded to the lj site. And the other 10 we would have to upload them to our own webspace.

I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to have on our individual pictures page a spot where we can put the links to our other images and have it all connected to the choices we get for which user pic we want to use for each individual post.


We would be able to make everyone happy, especially those who want the ability to have more user icons, and we wouldn't be bogging down the lj servers with a bunch of user pics.

i think this sounds really kewl and would get a lot of people excited about the possibility of more user icons.

Problems/Issues involved:

There are some users who wouldn't know where to start to upload there own icons.

Give me some feedback, i want to know what everyone thinks, if it's a unrealistic idea then tell me, if you think it could be a possibility then let me know =D
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