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Collaboration with BlueSecurity

EDIT: Note to self...when posting an article to a community watched by several thousand people, be sure to disable emailing comments! UGH! Darn near DDoSed myself! Posting fixed, I'll keep track of comments on the page itself.

EDIT 2: Here's an updated version, original text lined out in favor of the corrected text in italics. Also, BlueSecurity does not engage in "vigilantism" or "shady tactics". Full breakdown and independent analysis from Marcus J. Ranum can be found here.

Collaboration with BlueSecurity

Short, concise description of the idea
Engage SixApart and it's its (thanks imc) affiliates with BlueSecurity, and encourage the SixApart userbase to join BlueSecurity in order to combat spam.

Full description of the idea
BlueSecurity and it's BlueFrog program is the ONLY most effective (personal opinion)entity currently engaged in actively fighting spam and spammers. Right now, their userbase is under 500k, but it has already caused spammers around the globe to become very upset.

This resulted in BlueSecurity being attacked in a DDoS, which it redirected towards it's blog, BlueSecurity did not redirect any attack, they were dealing with it themselves. PharmaMaster started the attack against TypePad on their own. Full details here.

Rather than engage BlueSecurity in any sort of legal action-which will cost money, consume resources and validate the tactics of the spammers-I suggest joining forces with BlueSecurity. There is no legal recourse against BlueSecurity available in this instance. BlueSecurity did not do anything illegal, wrong or even immoral.

Host sponsored links on all sites affiliated with SixApart and LiveJournal, and encourage your userbase to sign up for the BlueSecurity services and install the BlueFrog program stub.

BlueSecurity would potentially gain ten-million new users, making their anti-spam system the most powerful anti-spam weapon in the history of the internet, and SixApart would become the single-most powerful entity in the blogging community.

An ordered list of benefits
  • SixApart, LiveJournal and all affiliates would gain massive amounts of positive publicity.
  • Users of the abovementioned businesses would see a massive reduction in the amount of spam they receive.
  • The abovementioned businesses would become powerful entities in the fight against spam, which is positive for all involved.
  • Other blogging and publishing entities would be encouraged to follow suit, making BlueSecurity even more powerful.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • SixApart, LiveJournal and it's affiliated companies would come under direct attack from spammers seeking to discourage this collaboration.
  • Not all users will understand the technology behind BlueSecurity and it's system, and will require assistance, advice and support.
  • Opinion concerning BlueSecurity's tactics is mostly positive, but there are still those who feel it's vigilantism.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Make public posts in the lj_news and other communities about the merger, what it is and what it means for the SixApart community.
  • Provide links on all affiliated sites to the BlueSecurity website.
  • Work with BlueSecurity to create support groups, forums and resources to assist users in making an informed decision.
  • Offer users who join BlueSecurity an icon to place on their userinfo that identifies them as a "spam fighter", giving them a sense of accomplishment in fighting the battle against spam.
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