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Opt-out of Rich Text Editor

Edit: Looks like this (or a similarly-implemented switch) is in the spec. Way to go, LJ development team! Everybody cheer!

Opt-out of Rich Text Editor

Short, concise description of the idea
A switch on the edit info page that allows a user to specify that they never, ever see the Rich Text Editor ever again.

Full description of the idea
The Rich Text Editor will soon be the default editor for all new entries. Unfortunately, it is buggy, slow, relies on JavaScript, and poisons entries posted with it so that they can't be edited with the standard editor.

Now I'm generally not a fan of having a switch to opt out of everything in the universe, but forcing people to rely on this tool to do the most basic LiveJournal activity of all is silly. Journal posting should be a simple, easy-to-use activity, and defaulting to the RTE makes things more complicated under the guise of making them easier.

Instead, a userprop should exist with a checkbox on the edit info page that asks users which editor they want to default to, and then, once set, that user should never be kicked out of that editor unless they explicitly ask to be by clicking on the link to the other one. This setting can default to the RTE for new users so they don't get confused (or even for existing users, if it has to be that way, although yanking the editor they're already comfortable with out from under people isn't, in my personal opinion, a great plan).

An ordered list of benefits
  • Allows users of mobile devices or differently-configured browsers to post without having to worry about JS auto-detection sending them to the right page (which frequently fails, and can fail extremely messily).
  • Creates a workaround for users when issues are discovered with the RTE, since these issues are generally client-side and therefore extremely tricky to reproduce and resolve.
  • Allows users who prefer to edit their HTML directly or post without HTML effects (as one would imagine is the most common use case) to do so without interference and without wasting their time loading a javascript editor just they can immediately close it.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Creates another setting on the edit info page, which would have to be clearly described to avoid confusion.
  • Requires an extra if statement to be used in at least one place (and probably two to take care of ScrapBook).
  • Might make people so happy that their hearts burst and they die.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

I don't believe the code to make the RTE default has been written yet, so it should be relatively easy to include a check for this switch into it when it is. Would also require rewrite of the "insert image" code to prevent switch to the RTE if the flag is active; haven't investigated to see how hard that would be, although that code was present before and so should be recoverable. Oh, and editinfo.bml and en.dat would have to be updated.
Tags: entry editor: rich text, § implemented
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