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Create Separate "Community Email Settings" Page


Create Separate "Community Email Settings" Page

Short, concise description of the idea

Create a single "Community Email Settings" page in the "Actions" section for all community email options that involve mail sent to maintainers; remove some options from Community Info and Community Management. The community email address, visibility on the Community Info page, and mangling are community-wide settings which would not be moved.

Full description of the idea

Currently, email settings for communities are spread out over multiple pages (Community Info and Community Management); instead, it would be better if there were a separate "Community Email Settings" page for each community, accessed through the "Actions" section of the Community Management page.
  • Each maintainer could choose per community for mail to the community's email address, join requests for moderated membership communities, HTML mail, mail encoding, comment notifications, etc.
  • Each moderator could choose per community whether they are emailed about posts in the moderation queue.
  • The bottom of the new page would have a "Make Default" option for people who want to keep all their email options the same. This would prevent people from having to click too many times.
  • The following community-wide settings would not be moved: the community email address, visibility on the Community Info page, and mangling.
An ordered list of benefits
  • Easy Access to Email Settings
  • Option to Set them per Community and per User
  • Shorter Edit Personal Information page for communities & less vertical scrolling.
  • "Make Default" option to limit unnecessary clicking
  • Matches similar placement of other options on Community Management page
  • Happy Community Managers
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Potential User Confusion
  • Potential Horizontal Scrolling
  • Developer Time for Moving and Testing Options
  • Documentation & Translation Time
An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  1. Create New Page and link it from the Community Management page.
  2. Move options from the Edit Personal Information and Community Management page.
  3. Create a separate "Make Default" option to make the current page's settings default across all communities.
  4. Test, announce, document, translate.
  5. Watch out for happy community managers!
Tags: community maintenance, notifications, § rejected
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