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Add a little courtesy info to the new spotlight on the home page

Add a little courtesy info to the new spotlight on the home page

Short, concise description of the idea
Two things:

1. Add a line or two to the box spotlighting comms on the LJ home page, which says hey, if you join, read the comm rules before you post.

2. Let comm moderators know they're about to be spotlighted to they can update their userinfo pre-emptively.

Full description of the idea
In the last few weeks, I've seen (on my f-list) a number of complaints from "old" members of featured comms, about "new" members brought in by the spotlighting, who come in and fail to observe, for instance, a comm standard of not cluttering up the comm with "intro" posts that are unrelated to comm content. Or, this week, in one of the featured comms, the posts by nature tend to be long and the new folks aren't realizing what the comm standards about cutting for length are.

Of course new folks can find a community any time by searching, and sometimes they join up and spam/don't cut/etc anyway, but because the spotlight on the front page brings clumps of new people in a way unlikely to happen due to people stumbling upon a community on their own, it would be nice to at least point out to them that the standards of this community they are joining may differ from what they see in their own little corner of LJ.

The suggestion to notify mods is secondary, because really, if they have rules, they should make them easy to find anyway, but it just seems it would nice to give them a chance to spruce up for company.

An ordered list of benefits
  • This would support the whole notion of community by helping to avoid the situation where the new community members are regarded primarily as a nuisance.
  • It would help members come to understand the varying standards of different groups; it's easy to know several other users in one context, and it may be unclear to users venturing out of their own neighborhoods for the first time that different rules may apply.
  • It would help minimize mods being put on the spot over and over all at once, having to delete/comment to rule-breaking posts and be the bad guy a whole lot in short order.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • I think of little, other than a fairly minimal one-time change of whatever template it used to add this week's spotlighted communities each week, and, if notifying community mods, making up a little form letter to send.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Add a few words to the spotlight section asking users joining the spotlighted communities to read the rules.
  • Write a little notification for the mods of about-to-be spotlighted communities.
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