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Agent 84799

Title: Read-only accounts

Short Description: Accounts that don't have a journal of their own for people who want to see friends-only posts but don't want to keep a journal.

Long description: Since I've decided to keep all of the details of my day to day humdrum life as friends-only and leave the public stuff for writing and more universal, interesting thoughts, but I've wanted to let some of my friends read about what I've been doing. They've got no real interest in keeping a journal so it seems silly to give them one of my account codes just so they can keep up with my life. I thought there might even be existing LJ users who don't post or post infrequently enough that they may not mind being transferred to this kind of account.

List of benefits:
  • Presumably, it will save server space.
  • It will save journal codes for people who are actually interested in writing.
  • It would allow these people to comment on journals where anonymous posting isn't allowed.

    List of drawbacks:
  • Coding and implementation time, with possible database changes.
  • There may not be enough people interested in this type of account to make it worth implementing.
  • People with real LJ accounts may start picking these up to make nasty remarks in journals that they don't want to link their real names. Or people who don't want LJ accounts will do the same.

    Implementation ideas: Okay, so I'm gonna be too lazy to pore through the database schema, but if user data is spread over several tables, you wouldn't even need to give these users full profile information, just "friend of" information (and presumably something to verify their existence, like email, zipcode, etc.). If there's no quantifiable difference of database space, you could let them have full profile information. The could be allowed to make posts where anonymous posting isn't allowed, or if it is decided that it may let people go wild and say nasty thigs because of the added anonymity, then they could be banned from comments unless anonymous posting is allowed.
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