Greg Walrath (gregw) wrote in suggestions,
Greg Walrath

This would be a big help in Support

Add links to old support requests for users

Short Description
Add links in tickets that would allow a support person to see a filtered list of all the Open, Answered and Closed requests for a particular user. Handy in tracking down double-entries, new requests that are really just continuations of the old request, etc.

Ordered list of benefits
1. Makes it easier to track down old requests
2. I don't have to fish through old requests to find a previous ticket they are referring to
3. Makes it easy to identify abusers, or users having the same problem repeatedly.

How to implement
Magical, miracle code in BML that looks up the user requests for a user given their LJ name or, if unavailable, the provided e-mail address, then calculates a URL that creates a filtered view page containing only the requests for that user. If they didn't provide an LJ name or e-mail, tough noogies.
Tags: support, § implemented differently
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