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Subject inheritance

For the those of us who archive comment e-mails, it would be nice if the "subject" field on comments with no subject of their own inherited the subject of the post.

Subject: I lost my socks.
Gee, I lost my socks today blah blah blah blah

Comment: (no subject) Bummer

E-mail subject: Live journal comment re: "I lost my socks" [or something similar; I know the from field lists "username - lj comment", but you get the gist]

Drawbacks: Parsing (?) any user HTML out of the subject. This could be harder than it sounds.

Benefits: An end to the "reply to your post/reply to your comment" e-mails (for the most part).

Cause, y'see, I put subjects on most of my posts so I can find them on the view-by-month index. But most of the comments that come in are sans subject.
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