Greg Connor (gconnor) wrote in suggestions,
Greg Connor

MyLJ Friends Page module should use "Default View"

MyLJ Friends Page module should use "Default View"

Short, concise description of the idea
The Friends Page module should use "Default View" if the group exists

Full description of the idea
In "My LJ" the "Friends page" portal shows all friends.

Minimal case would be to make the module use "Default View" if there is one.

For extra flexibility, there could be a way to edit the settings for the module to determine what group should be shown. In that case it may be desirable to add the module multiple times to the portal.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Better user experience for users who customize
    More consistent with other areas of LJ

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • (No problems known)

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • (No additional info.)
Tags: custom friends groups, friends, portal / my lj, § implemented
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