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Ralph Melton

Private Messages in a Community

Short, concise description of idea:
Enabling messages in a community that could only be seen by some members of the community would occasionally be handy.

Full description of the idea
My real goal here is this: I'm running a D&D game. I'd like to have a community journal (lj user=ralph_dnd) for that game, in which I post both public information that all players would know, and private information that's for GM's eyes only. (The benefit of doing things this way is twofold: my private GM notes are placed in context with the public information for my eyes, and I can easily go back and make public things that used to be private.)

When I (as ralphmelton) make posts to that journal with a security level of 'private', they can only be seen by the ralph_dnd account, not by the ralphmelton account. This makes it inconvenient to view those posts, and particularly inconvenient to edit them, since they can only be seen by ralph_dnd, but they can only be edited by ralphmelton.

A week ago, I was able to assign a custom friends group to my posts in the ralph_dnd community. I was able to see such a post, but excluded friends could not, and this was good--unfortunately, included friends could not see it either. But the use of custom friends on community journals has been disabled.

I have two possible ideas for fixing this problem:
1) Allow users to see their own private posts in a community journal.
2) Allow the use of custom friends groups in a community journal.

Idea 2 serves my needs more precisely, but is probably harder to implement.

Ordered list of benefits:
Benefits of idea 1:
* It makes it more convenient for me to implement this mix of private and public.
* It makes it much easier to edit community posts that were posted as private.

Benefits of idea 2:
* It makes it more convenient for me to implement this mix.
* It allows me to share my private notes who aren't players and get comment from them.
* It makes it possible to have information that is shared secrets between a player and the GM (such as the character's background)

Ordered List of problems/issues involved
For idea 1:
Very little issues; the poster of the entry has already written the entry, so there is not much value in keeping it secret from them. If it's desired to have posts that can only be read by the journal account, they can be posted by the journal account.

For idea 2:
There would be a question of whose account the friends group came from. I can imagine that it might involve more DB accesses to use a group from the poster's account, but using a group from the community account would mean that the posting interface would have to change.

suggestions for implementation
Idea 1 should be easy; there is already special-case code for the "friends" security level in community journals, so I presume that only a small additional special case would be required.

Idea 2 is more complex, and I have no idea what would be required there.
Tags: community maintenance, security, § historical
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