James (captainjames) wrote in suggestions,

Screened comments not unscreened when replied to

Screened comments not unscreened when replied to

Short, concise description of the idea
When the owner of a journal replies to a screened comment, the original comment remains screened. Also, the reply is automatically screened, too.

Full description of the idea
Basically, what's above. It's a very simple idea. Screening is generally used to keep conversations private, and it's more likely that the journal owner will want the conversation to continue being private rather than become public after the first reply.

The idea would be that the screened comments are visible to the two people holding the private conversation, unless the owner of the journal decides for his/her own comments to be invisible to the other person in the conversation.

The best idea, I think, is to let the journal owner decide if they'd rather have the current option as the default one, or the one I'm suggesting as the default one. It shouldn't be much more difficult to implement the new option and leave the current one than to implement the new one and get rid of the current one, and then everyone would be happy.

An ordered list of benefits
  • It's very annoying to have to rush to re-screen a comment after having replied to it, not to mention someone could see it during that time.
  • Only one step to reply to a screened comment without unscreening it, instead of three (reply, re-screen reply, re-screen original comment).

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • None that I can think of. Please let me know if there are any.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • I have no idea if this has not been implemented yet because it can't be done, because it seems more logical for screened comments to remain screened until specifically unscreened.
Tags: comment screening, comments, § duplicate, § rejected
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