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Spam Flagging/Tagging

Spam Flagging/Tagging

Short, concise description of the idea
Any user should be able to mark a post to a community as spam.

Full description of the idea
A little after midnight, someone or something goes crazy posting spam to various communities I read. As the maintainer of some, I can delete and mark them as spam. However, most communities I am not the maintainer of, nor do I even know who the maintainer is. I believe that I should have the option to flag these entries as spam. Then if something like 5 people or 5% of the community membership also mark it as spam, an e-mail would be sent to the community maintainer, as well as notifying whoever it notifies when I delete a post and mark it spam.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Reduce spam and protect livejournal as a community.
  • Reinforce the "community" aspect of livejournal, by giving communities the power to police themselves.
  • Send an e-mail to absent maintainers, hopefully either getting them to return or appoint a successor.
  • Notify LiveJournal itself when a community is not being maintained, so that the maintainer may be contacted and a co-maintainer appointed (rather than just deposing the maint., who may have been called into active duty or something). Note that a certain number of users would have to mark the post as spam before this would be triggered, ensuring that it is only active communities get to request new maintainers.
  • It saves resources by not having the same spam then propagated across n friends pages times r refreshes = bandwidth + server load.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Potential for drama, Drama, DRAMA! A group of users, were it large enough, could mark an entry as spam if they didn't like the poster. Again, I suggest a threshhold either of a flat number or a percentage of the membership (or some combination of the two). Also, the entry should still only be deleted by the maintainer or LJ staff, though perhaps it could be marked private or members only pending review by a human. By no means should it be deleted if it is simply controversial or even offensive (short of abuse, but there's already a way to deal with that).
  • Requires livejournal to officiate in some way over communities. Appointing new maintainers (it probably should be 3, just for good measure) would be difficult. Perhaps using the poll script to hold an impromptu election? Again, drama.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Set up a button in the tool bar at the top of the talkread page, clearly marked for spam (maybe an icon of a can?).
  • Establish a threshhold; probably a fixed number (5?) for larger comms, a percentage (5%?) for smaller comms (under 100). Can be higher or lower. Limit should check the number of complaints vs. comm. membership/readership and apply whichever number applies.
  • Establish an automated e-mail routine for contacting the maintainer.
  • Also establish a form for e-mailing the maintainer, linked from the comm info page, which can only be accessed by members. This protects the maintainer's e-mail address from view while mandating that they not just abandon (active) communities and remain contactable.
  • Create an lj-spam similar to lj-abuse, for a group of humans to review legitimate spam and concetrate on stopping it at the source (setting up automated: IP blocking, filtering for certain URLs, monitoring of posting activity from address blocks) as their primary responsibility.
Tags: abuse, community maintenance, spam, § historical
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