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Suggestion for altering the Memories system

Suggestion for altering the Memories system

Short, concise description of the idea
The keyword bar doesn't need to display the keywords you previously entered when you edit memories, and it cuts them off at the 255-char line -- creating new, inaccurate entries.

Full description of the idea
As the Memories system currently works, there is a bar for you to enter keywords, and a list of past keywords underneath it. That's fine. But when you edit the memory, the keywords that you used before are not only highlighted on the list, but they are also present in the keyword bar.

However. The keyword bar only allows for 255 characters (which, in and of itself, is very annoying) and so it truncates any keywords that don't fit. If you want to edit a memory, you HAVE TO ERASE THE KEYWORD BAR, even if you just plan to change the title of the memory, or else you wind up with memories that look like this, which is a LITERAL copy-paste from a community I maintain:

# +Timeshifter first-gen: 32 entries
# +Timeshifter second-g: 1 entry
# +Timeshifter second-gen: 21 entries

And, to make matters worse, if I want to go back and FIX that, I then have to find it and un-highlight it on the list, AND I have to erase the keyword bar that mangled it in the first place. That's terribly inefficient, not to mention completely redundant.

My idea is to stop that truncation which results in new and inaccurate entries.

An ordered list of benefits
  • No more truncated, mangled memories if you edit an entry with several keywords.
  • No more going back and editing the memories that you already went back and edited -- a very aggravating experience.
  • Easier to maintain communities with memories archives.
  • It's redundant and unnecessary to repeat the keywords: there's no argument as to why it would be more useful, when you have to alter the list below it anyway.
  • It's no more difficult to find and unhighlight the keyword you want to change than it is to find and unhighlight it, then erase it from the keyword box and re-type it.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • If you only use very short memories, there wouldn't be any benefit to this issue either way.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Stop the previous keywords from popping up in the keyword bar when you edit memories.
  • Fix the keywords bar so that it can handle more than 255 characters -- which makes it easier to enter memories anyway.
Tags: memories, usability, § implemented
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