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LJ Anthology For Charity

LJ Anthology For Charity

Short, concise description of the idea
Prepare and publish an anthology of memorable LJ posts, and donate all proceeds to charity

Full description of the idea
There are quite a number of posts on LJ that are really inspirational or entertaining; the ones that quickly become the Talk of LiveJournal. "If you don't stop calling me Satan, I will sing Showtunes"...the AnnieSJ saga with the FBI...the story of a young couple in love...kids on the bus being accepting of homosexuality...and now a mother educating her son about how it didn't matter if someone called him a fag, because he's better than that.

Also, LJ is very strong when it comes to charity. If there was an LJer in trouble, their friends and friends of friends would rally around and help them as much as they can. After disasters like the tsunami, or Sept 11th, everyone would rally and hold their own fundraisers for support. LJers are an altruistic bunch.

It occured to me that we could possibly combine the two - great LJ writing, and charity.

Why don't we compile the best and/or most memorable LJ posts, make an anthology, and donate the proceeds to charity?

We look around for the best LJ posts, or the ones most memorable. We set a certain number of entries, a set length of the original manuscript, and create an anthology for charity? It can be a book, or it can be a zine. We can even obtain illustrations and art from other LJers too.

The anthology can be printed by volunteer LJers and distributed by them (perhaps a few in specific geographical areas, to save on postage?) or it can be uploaded to a place like LuLu or CafePress, where people can just go to the website and order directly, as much as they want. If an LJer had a publishing business, so much the better.

The proceeds collected will then go to a specific charity, perhaps a few, divided equally. It can be an established charity, like the Red Cross or Amnesty International or Heifer International or Make-A-Wish, or it can go to a major LJ Charity Fund, where LJers that need help can just request help from the fund - kind of like a LiveJournal-specific version of Modest Needs. There is a community around, help_each_other, that deals with something similar; each member donates a dollar, and they choose a needy LJ to donate that dollar too. They would benefit from a fund like this.

I had originally posted this entry in my LJ, and I was told to put it here and/or get offical backing by the people at LJ, so here I am. Also reposting this, since the earlier one was rejected due to bad markup.

An ordered list of benefits
  • The original contributors would gain publicity and readership, and they get to see their work in print
  • Other LJers will be able to read and view great works created by their fellow "neighbours"; these are not distant celebrity authors, these are real people that they can interact with on a regular basis
  • The charities and the people that rely on these charities will benefit from the additional funding

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Logistics - who is going to organize this? How is it going to be published? How do we get the money to the charity?
  • Getting permission from those selected to be published - copyright issues?
  • Choosing material for publication - might cause unnecessary drama
  • Choosing a charity - which one(s)? Will LJ keep part of the proceeds for maintenence? How much will they get?

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Set up a community especially for this project
  • Enlist help of all LJ users (or as many as possible) to find material
  • Liaise with publishers (especially those specializing in Publishing on Demand), such as LuLu or CafePress or something
  • Make this a regular event - Annual Anthology? Biannual?
  • Sell this at the LJ store
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