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(Anti-Spam) Add "Report Post to Maintainer" Option for Community Posts

(Anti-Spam) Add "Report Post to Maintainer" Option for Community Posts

Short, concise description of the idea
Add a button to alert the community maintainer of a spammy/questionable post.

Full description of the idea
A "report post" button would make it much easier to alert the community maintainer that someone has spammed the community journal.

Several options could be added as well:

1) automatically hide the post in question when X members report it (i.e., a "vote this post off the island" function)

2) hold off alerting the maintainer until X members have reported the post

3) allow maintainer to set X for 1 and 2 above

4) allow maintainer to disable button altogether

5) automatically block subsequent posts (to the community)by the user who authored a reported post when X members have reported the post and until cleared by the maintainer


An ordered list of benefits
  • faster deletion of spammy posts
  • easier reporting to community maintainers
  • setting minimum report "votes" minimizes abuse

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • potentially significant programming to incorporate the technology required to support the feature
  • possible irritation of the maintainers by dealing with an increase in reported posts (caused by the fact that it's easier to report posts, but offset by customizable notification rules)
  • potential new source for drama as users get into spitting contests over who reported whom

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • start with a simple button that sends a quick email to the maintainer (with a link to the post in question) indicating that a member has objected to a post
  • then add notification options to reduce strain on the maintainer
  • then add minimum votes requirement before the post is reported to the maintainer
  • then add customization of min votes required functionality for the maintainer
  • then add auto-hide reported post (based on min votes)
  • then apply for a patent on this nifty suggestion, and send me a royalty check! :)
Tags: community moderation, spam, § historical
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